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A local florist is taking a chance on fidelity.

Featured on TongueChic.com
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You and No Other featured on TongueChic.com


Fashion platform Tongue in Chic has featured You and No Other in its Newsflash section: “Now you can send flowers to only one person for the rest of your life”.

Posted by Emma Chong Johnston on April 6, 2015

Wacky new start-ups! Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em, etc. Today’s contender for Things You Never Knew You Needed is You and No Other, a new floristry business from Singapore. They’ve built their business on the premise that one person should only send flowers to one other person, for the rest of their lives.

You and No Other has 12 florists working tirelessly on your one-person-only flowers, which at the moment come in a choice of roses, roses or roses. You can order a single bouquet, or three, six or 12 months’ worth. The flowers are delivered in a lovely blue hatbox (‘an international symbol of love and commitment’, apparently) to your designated recipient and no other.

You and No Other has a ‘One Life, One Love’ rule which, if broken, means your flowers may not see anyone, let alone your designated sole recipient for life. No details on how you nominate your chosen one, or what happens if you want to swap them for a new model, or indeed if you’d like to send flowers to another person, like your mother, or recently engaged friend, or just someone else you think might appreciate some meticulously arranged roses.

If you’re interested, bouquets start from RM295.


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