Flower Care

Flower Care

How to care for your flowers

What You Will Need

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Maintenance Free Signature Hatbox

No longer will you have to worry about the hassle and maintenance of transferring your flowers to a vase.

Our Signature Iconic Hatbox is all you need to keep your lovely flowers looking and feeling great. Within our waterproof hatbox contains a 100% fine woven protective mesh netting holding your roses firmly in place. Our premium anti-fungal and anti-bacterial foam cube provides for continual water supply throughout the day.

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Sharp Scissor for Trimming

We recommend to keep your flowers’ stems and leaves trimmed. If you are transferring them to a vase, (why why would you, when our tophat box is perfect), cut your flowers at an angle to maximise surface for absorption. If there are excess leaves, keep them trimmed to so that all the energy is funnelled into the flower petals. Avoid allowing leaves to fall into the water as they might decompose and shorter the flowers’ lifespan.

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Mist With Spray Bottle

Keep your lovely flowers misted frequently and place them in a a cool area. Roses and flowers should not be in direct sunlight. Gaze at them, adore them, dream with them, as this is love, just for you, and no other.


Enjoy your lovely flowers!

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