Meet a Fan: Lenne Chai

Meet a Fan: Lenne Chai
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I’m painfully practical. I mean, I haven’t had any particularly memorable Valentine’s Days, except that I watched Juno on V-day when I was 14 and left the cinema in tears. Such a good film!

Meet a Fan: Lenne Chai

What’s there to say about Lenne Chai that hasn’t already been said? Profiled numerous times by the who’s who of local and international media, this ridiculously talented creative has made quite the name for herself despite her young age. You and No Other skips the topics already covered in other interviews and delves into her new projects and gains insights into Lenne’s sparkling personality:

Q: Karaoke Party was obviously a smash success for you as evidenced by the massive turn out and extension until January 30th. Was this a one-off event or will we be seeing Karaoke Party back soon, but perhaps in another form or concept?
A: Thank you! We’re looking into bringing the exhibition and party overseas. It’s a really great way to promote our local musicians and fashion designers through a fun and interactive experience.

Q: Can you tell us more about Underground Market and your involvement in that project?
A: We’re having another Underground Market today (February 7th) – drop by if you have the time!
It’s basically a super affordable flea market organised by a few friends who are also fashion bloggers, such as Venetia, Arissa, Linda Hao and more.
We’ve had all kinds of designer items going for prices as low as $10, and the pieces are great since they’re obviously all very fashionable girls.
Chloe Choo and Georgina Foo are our special guests this edition, and Tiffany will be joining us to do henna tattoos! Super cool stuff.
There’ll be coffee and discounted alcohol on sale too. You won’t want to miss out on this!

Q: Your profile states you’re a fashion photographer, but clearly you are so much more. In ten years time, what role do you want to be most closely associated with?
A: I love embarking on a huge variety of creative projects, but fashion photography will always be my number 1 jam. Hopefully I’ll be a regular contributor to international publications in ten years!

Q: Who or what has influenced you the most?
A: I think reading Neil Gaiman (the Sandman series) from the tender age of 12 has really shaped a lot of my opinions and my taste for creative work. At this very moment, my biggest influences are learning about astrophysics (for dummies, which I absorb with the mentality of a child discovering fairytales for the first time) and catching up on the history of western art.

Q: Singapore is a nation often criticised for its lack of creativity – do you think creativity can be taught or is it innate?
A: I feel that it’s a combination of both. Being in an environment that’s very arts-centric and culture-driven could potentially inspire creative thinking, but it also depends on how much of that “innate” creativity is present to begin with. There’s just so many other factors to consider, haha.

Q: Do you have any advice or tips for Singaporeans who are keen to enter the local music, fashion or arts industry?
A: If you’re genuinely interested in joining a field, you should definitely research on the industry you’re hoping to become a part of. For instance, who are the top people in said field at the moment? Who do they like to collaborate with? What kind of work are they putting out?
It’s good to look up to people overseas, but your understanding of the local industry is as important, if not more important than observing foreign trends. No man is an island.

Q: What have you learned about business and people in general from your experience as a photographer?
A: Not to underestimate email etiquette and customer service! I can’t just act like a creative when I’m managing myself.

Q: Finally, would you consider yourself to be romantic?
A: I’m painfully practical. I mean, I haven’t had any particularly memorable Valentine’s Days, except that I watched Juno on V-day when I was 14 and left the cinema in tears. Such a good film!

Drop by the Underground Market (February 7th) to catch Lenne Chai in action.
Underground Market
11am – 6pm
73 Ubi Road 1 #10-52 Oxley Bizhub Singapore 408733



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