The Princess Collection Featuring the Finest Seasonal Flowers

The Princess Collection Featuring the Finest Seasonal Flowers
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Dear Customers and Friends,

We exert a great proportion of our time and resources into selecting the absolutely best quality flowers we can get our hands on in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. We then spend even more time crafting your floral arrangements because we know how important it is to let your loved one know how much they mean to you, be it on major milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries, or on days where you would just like to send a casual reminder.

This has left little time for us as a team to come up with new products that meet our brand’s main aim of crafting floral arrangements that stand out and leave a lasting impression on the recipient. We have been able to achieve this in the past with our unique Signature Collection range that features 18 large roses meticulously arranged in a powder blue hatbox. We were the first in the Asia Pacific region to use this design and it has become synonymous with our brand.

A brand can not live and survive with just one product line, regardless of its popularity. In the middle of last year, we decided to reduce the number of orders we accepted through Bespoke by YOU AND NO OTHER, our Made to Order Service, and instead released our Duchess Collection where we curate dozens of the finest thick-stemmed roses from the Kenyan highlands and present them to customers in a luxurious long box that bears our branding signature powder blue colour. At the same time, we started to take orders for our most expensive floral arrangement yet, The Grand, an enormous monofloral arrangement of 50 large roses.

It has taken us twice as long to create our latest offering, the Princess Collection. While most florists are busy with different types of packaging, we wanted to craft flowers in its most traditional form: hand bouquets. Additionally,  we worked hard to develop distinct personalities for each bouquet so that we could cater to a wider range of recipients. In total, we have six new styles of bouquets: The Audley, The BerkeleyThe Brook, The Caprice, The Mayfair and The Wolseley. The lone common denominator between them is our powder blue wrapping tied with a fine white ribbon; this adds a dose of sophistication to the collection and immediately signifies to the recipient that the bouquet is from YOU AND NO OTHER.

The Princess Collection comes in three different sizes: Medium, Large or Extra Large. Our Medium is a standard bouquet and our Large size has been described as one early customer as “the biggest bouquet I have received till date“. All bouquets are currently available in Singapore.


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