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A local florist is taking a chance on fidelity.

Featured on SassySingapore.com
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You and No Other featured on SassySingapore.com


SassySingapore.com included You and No Other in their article entitled “The Made-in-Singapore Gift Guide You Should Send Your Valentine”.

For The Traditional Valentine: Roses from You And No Other
If you’re a sucker for the traditional roses and you’re also quite the jealous type, have your partner get you flowers from a new start-up called You And No Other. Instead of the usual florist, You And No Other play the fidelity police role – each customer can send flowers to only one person for the rest of his, or her life. To make sure that their customers don’t cheat, algorithms check a sender’s details against those in the firm’s database. In the case that someone tries to send flowers under a different name, to a different recipient but does so from the same address or with the same credit card for instance, a red flag pops up and the sender will get a call…